Friday, January 29, 2010

I just realized I never tried any of their famous pie...

I have fallen in love...

With the Florida Keys.

I *will* one day live in a trailer (preferably a shiny, slightly dented Airstream with Christmas lights all around the top) by the beach and spend my days shell hunting, rampaging the many thrift stores I saw and prancing around in a bikini. No promises on how that bikini will fit (ESPECIALLY not if I continue to indulge my cookie fetish the way I have been lately) but there will be bikinis!
I'll support myself with some form of art and I'm willing to bartend a couple of nights here and there. FYI bar owners: I'm willing to consider being paid in cheap vodka.

Just wanted to let you know so you can plan your visits now.

P.S. If you ever go to Marathon, Florida- stay here!


  1. Just so you know...I have spent much of my life here and I too plan on living there and owning a bar one day. Wanna go halfsies?

  2. Girl you better quit playing games with my heart! I'll take cooking duties if you do dishes. (I'm only like 50% kidding by the way...)