Sunday, May 1, 2011

still here

I didn't celebrate a gosh- darned thing in April because all of a sudden all my teachers decided they hated us and assigned 800 things each. Due immediately. Also work was crazy, the DMV has a personal vendetta against me and I think my Lyme's disease is coming back. So life kicked my ass this April, and I've developed a pretty constant eye twitch that is either due to stress, lack of sleep or the Lyme's. Or I have a tumor on my spine as WebMD so lovingly suggested. (I have an APP on my PHONE which has taken my inner hypochondriac to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL.)

But this weekend was wonderful- I scored some great finds at a book sale, sat by a river and ate sausages with my friends, did copious amounts of homework, watched this disgusting hematoma blossom during the UFC fight, and ate my body weight in frozen yogurt.

The weather is getting so nice out I feel like I'm a real human again. So in an attempt to keep up my relaxing weekend I'm going to try and take a picture a day. Even if it's something totally boring.  Just one.

Want to join me? I predict that 1. there will be at least ONE Yogoberry photo in there and 2. 90% of them will be edited with Instagram.

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