Sunday, April 24, 2011

I just hope I passed...

Let's say you're taking a class. It's just a really hard subject, the studying is time intensive and sometimes you just plain don't get what the teacher is trying to explain. However you only have to power through 4 tests in the semester. Test 1 is a take-home (which equals an A because you have a week to look up all the answers), Test 2 is open book (less time but STILL you have the answers right in front of you) and the last two tests are regular good old, sweat-it-out, you'd-better-study ones. So you listen during the lectures, review your notes, eat your Wheaties the morning of, then sit down and hope for the best.

Now imagine that in your pretty difficult class there is a girl, who to put it nicely, is really annoying. She either loudly interrupts with irrelevant comments, talks to her friends or texts throughout the entire class. And as you're sitting there reading your test where the words look like an ancient lost language because you have NO IDEA what the answers are, you glance over to see this annoying girl click clacking on her cell phone looking up the answers. THE ENTIRE TEST. Firstly you think, who the hell cheats in college and secondly you think WTF.

Now, what would you do?

Because for ME- you send an e-mail to your teacher after class because YES that's snitching and NO you don't care. When you bust ass to learn and EARN a good grade it's not okay for someone to waltz in with an iced coffee and devalue the effort you and your classmates have put in. And also, Google isn't going to have its name on that degree girlfriend, so don't make ME look bad for graduating from the same school as you.

Would you have handled it differently? Think I'm a dirty rat?

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  1. TOTALLY would have done the same thing. What an asshole thing for her to do, I can't believe the prof didn't catch her on the phone.