Sunday, May 1, 2011

pit in my stomach

I have too many feelings right now to really say anything eloquent but I need to speak. This may make people mad, and I want to make it clear that I am so thankful that Osama bin Ladin can never mastermind another plot like 9/11 again. However, I can't bring myself to celebrate a murder- no matter how evil the person. He was a human being amazingly full of hate, and I can understand how people are reacting to the relief of knowing that this symbol of the needless slaughter of so many people is gone, but if we cheer in the streets are we really that much better than the people who burned our flag and danced?

Maybe I just feel this way because my initial reaction was terror. This is going to enrage so many people who already hate our entire country- Al Qaeda is an entire group of people who collaborated to attack us unprovoked and cause THOUSANDS of people to die. How could we imagine they're going to sit back and let this happen? Especially when they see us cheering and celebrating something that must fill them with sorrow and anger? I'm so scared this is going to start a full war or another attack like the World Trade Center, I can't sleep easy tonight.


  1. I am so glad he's gone, though NOT in a celebratory manner, if for nothing else than to bring just the smallest hint of justice to the families of not only the 9/11 attacks but the thousands of others he is responsible for killing around the world. And now we need to hope and trust that the government and the military will do their job in preventing further attacks.

  2. I agree with you. While I think his death could be closure for some or bring peace to others, I think the whole celebrating in the streets was a little extreme.