Thursday, January 20, 2011

Jack Frost is an asshole.

Since the semester has started I have missed 4 classes and been late to one. I'm only taking 5.

I could give you excuses (snow, some got canceled, not going to do a 2 hr commute for an hour class) but really it all boils down to the fact that winter makes me not want to leave the house ever. Especially not when leaving the house involves walking a mile (UPHILL BOTH WAYS. BAREFOOT.) and taking public transportation (which was TWENTY MINUTES LATE the other day- to which I say Um excuse me. WE'RE STANDING OUTSIDE WAITING FOR YOU AND IT'S WINTER- PUT SOME PEP IN YOUR STEP PLEASE.)

And double especially if it's just snowed and the streets are icy and I have to bundle up like a yeti and walk around terrified that a car is going to slip on a slick corner and take me out. I'm really not trying to be the girl who became road kill while she was WALKING from her MOM'S HOUSE to the BUS to COMMUNITY COLLEGE at 24.

It's supposed to snow again tomorrow.

So if you're not busy can you please send the Georgia DMV some "Hurry the eff up" vibes to send my paperwork so I can finally get my NY permit and start the anxiety attacks about being behind the wheel on icy streets start the driving process??

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