Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pure Pages

From we heart it
From we heart it

I have this total aversion to reading brand-new books. So I almost exclusively purchase my books from flea markets, book sales and thrift shops. If I DO buy a new book- I lend it to someone else before I read it myself.

Why? Because cracking the brand new spine of a book makes my fingernails hurt. Because that first tear or stain or crease makes me itch. So instead of being afraid to touch the pages, I'll let strangers or friends rough up my reading material.

Are you totally not afraid to bust open sparkling new texts?


  1. I usually read paperbacks and I try to be extra careful not to crack the spines while reading, which is kinda difficult when you really get into the book.

    I'd rather buy used just because I can't figure out why books have gotten so expensive even though having your own books printed is still quite inexpensive.

    But reading them in a digital format will just never be the same...


  2. I am not afraid really but I hate to break the binding of a book. The frugal in me also refuses to buy books. I hate to pay for what I can get at the library for free. :)