Tuesday, November 2, 2010

C is for...

For many reasons but mostly because it serves no purpose I won't complain about how much my life kind of sucks right now. It's hard and exhausting in physical and emotional ways, but I'm making a serious effort to realize that there is also a LOT of beautiful and wonderful things that I should spend time cultivating instead.

But sometimes I have to seriously fight the urge to wail on the floor kicking and screaming.

With temperatures dropping and it getting so so dark so so early, I was really glad for today's celebration. It's Cookie Monster's Birthday!!

Cookie Monster* is a furry blue creature after my own heart. He fully appreciates the joy that freshly baked cookies can provide a person. He is simple and straight-forward and look at that loyalty... his unbridled passion for that simple mix of flour, sugar, eggs and chocolate morsels is really admirable. Plus he once referred to himself as the Robert Downey Jr. of cookies.

(*Fuck that 'Veggie Monster' hogwash. That was a terrible rumor and I won't let it tarnish my beloved Cookie Monster's good name.)

So I made my famous (not really- they're just the recipe I seem to follow the best) chocolate chip cookies that I have shamelessly adopted from this blogger. I brought them to work today and everyone raved about them and asked for the recipe. I was seriously debating sharing it but the gift of these perfect circles isn't something I should keep to myself.

So go forth and bake these, and I hope they make you or someone you love's shitty life a little bit better.

Happy Birthday Cookie Monster!

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