Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wear purple!

So this is last minute and I am LITERALLY about to run out the door for work but I think its important. Today is Spirit Day where people wear purple to show their support for gay or lesbian or bi or transgendered teens who are experiencing bullying. Six teen boys have committed suicide lately because of how cruelly treated they were by their peers for being who they are. So if you have time on your lunch break or you work later and see this- throw on something purple to show your support. I don't even know if I own anything purple since I kind of hate the color but I'm about to go search my drawers and probably be late to work. And if I don't I'm going to at least tint this post purple to let anyone reading (does anyone read haha?) that is struggling with these issues that I'm here, and I want you to know that middle school and high school SUCKS for a lot of (most?) people and IT GETS BETTER so hang on. LOVE LOVE LOVE and


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  1. I wish I would have read this 8 hours earlier... I have the perfect purple top I could have worn!!