Sunday, October 17, 2010

Silly shutterbug

Today was National Toy Camera day!
Have I already lost you because you think by Toy Cameras I mean those Fisher Price deals? No no my pet, let me show you something far far better...

Lomography Diana F+ Medium Format Camera with Flash
This is a really popular camera and I don't know if it's TECHNICALLY considered a toy camera but I figured it was one most people would know about. It takes awesome photos like this one:
Found here

Lomography Split Cam

If I were a guy I would say "Um well... this camera has a good personality." Meaning I think it's ugly on the outside but how can you reject it when it takes pictures like this? Snap the shutter twice and it will blend the two images together into gorgeous products like this:
Found here
I really need to stop browsing the Lomography website- I could spend forever mentally buying and playing with the cameras especially when I don't break out the one I DO have often enough. I own the Action Sampler in Chrome and I love it! (When I found it in a thrift store for less than $10 NEW in the box and I almost threw my money at the lady at the cash register I was so excited.) It puts four exposures in one photo with four different angles and shutter speeds, so each ends up being a mini visual story. So fun.

Selling for way more money than I spent here

I don't have any of my own photos scanned onto the computer so I found this example online:
Somehow I never thought of using black and white film... found here
Not all the toy cameras of the world are from Lomography though. I've actually seen a couple blogs where the girls take a ton of super cute photos on a mini Polaroid type deal called the Instax:
...and there's a really awesome post here about DIY projects using photos from the mini one.
However, the one that I'm seriously lusting over right now (sorry Action Sampler, I still love you!) is this bad boy:

The Zumi Digital 2.0
I love the fact this one is digital because I always forget to drop off film to be developed/ I'm super impatient and would love to be able to upload my snaps immediately. Wouldn't you love to carry around that cute little thing and upload images like this??

So, do you own any of these cameras, or is there one I'm totally missing out on? OR did you not have any clue what I was talking about until I threw 800 pictures in your face?

Happy National Toy Camera Day!

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  1. Love this. Toy Cameras are bomb dot com. I just wanted to say hi and see how you were :)
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