Saturday, September 4, 2010


I have a friend whom I love dearly. She can tell you the biggest lie ever and not move a muscle on her face, has very graceful hands and when I type her name in my cell phone T9word inexplicably changes it to Heavier EVERY SINGLE TIME. She also works over the summer (and throughout the year) specifically with children who have special needs- whether it be a physical disability or autism or a wide range of things. She is amazing at this and works her butt off every year at our job and other ones for little recognition and not a lot of pay, while putting herself through school because she truly loves what she does and wants to make things better for kids who have been dealt a harder hand than others. I love her and the children she works with do too.

(Seriously, at one time she was working two jobs AND doing an unpaid internship AND taking a full Grad school courseload. WITH a long term boyfriend. I can't remember to shower some days when I'm working one job and dating primetime basic cable...)

Where am I going with this little ode to Heavier? There is a program that helps make her position at our job possible called The National Inclusion Project, and they are currently ranked 27th to get funding for a Pepsi Refresh grant. They need to be in the top 10 to get the funding. We have til September 30th to get it up there and...

You can feel it already right? I'm going to ask you for something. I know you probably run into this business all over the interwebs. SORRY this isn't a safe haven anymore 'cause I'm about to do it too. So what I'm saying here is, if you have some time and want to throw a couple clicks my way it would be GREATLY appreciated. You can vote daily, and you get multiple clicks a day... and that's it! Sign in via your Facebook account if you don't want to fill in all those little forms and it won't at all infect your page like that Mafia Wars or Farmville crap does, PLUS you'll have made me happy. I'll virtually kiss you on the virtual lips and all. No tongue though, I'm a lady!

Click here to see the page or on the widget I've installed over there ------>

and be sure to let me know if you get a chance to clickety click!

Smooch smooch in advance!


  1. You rock- feel free to hit up the website whenever you are floating around the internet, you can vote everyday! And one of those pictures they have up is actually from my job :)