Sunday, September 12, 2010

Weekend Wanderings

I woke up this morning thinking that it was Monday and ready to begin another week just to be pleasantly surprised that it was Sunday and I had a whole 'nother day of weekend, just ripe for the picking. So I decided since this was technically a bonus day, I didn't have to feel bad about completely wasting my day with naps, cookies and staying in my pajamas whilst catching up on some shows on Hulu.

This is what I watched:
Seriously- it's funny, sweet, dramatic, and thought-provoking. And a bunch of other adjectives but you don't want to read a thesaurus. It's one of those great shows where none of it's characters is just a two-dimensional cliche. They all have good sides and bad sides and make shitty decisions or stupid mistakes that you could totally see yourself making.

I also made some delicious cookies this weekend for my family, and we all sat down to enjoy our freshly baked from scratch thank you chocolate chip cookies with milk together on the couch and cheesy music played and you could just HEAR the Scrabble board begging to come out for some wholesome fun when I started CHOKING ON THE DAMN COOKIE. And my parents laughed at me, and my brothers turned on cartoons, all while I gasped for oxygen and tried to punch the cookie out of my esophagus. I miraculously survived NO THANKS TO THEM and everything went back to my normal non- Leave It To Beaver lifestyle. But really, wouldn't that have been the stupidest death ever? That I had actually baked my own chocolate-y demise and got taken down by a hunk of flour and eggs??

Also during this weekend, I saw RENT (that story is depressing and illogical but the girl who played Mimi split her electric blue spandex pants during one of her big numbers so I can't say that it wasn't entertaining) and I also bought a winter jacket and a cute dress for $5 which was exciting because I felt thrifty, and then I went online and bought some shoes for $30 which was stupid and what I'm trying to say here is someone needs to take my credit card away from me.

Wouldn't it be great if I woke up tomorrow and it was STILL not Monday?

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  1. 1) I almost choked to death on bad Chinese food - beef & broccoli to be precise - while my mom sat next to me, blissfully unaware.

    2) I don't like RENT personally.

    3) I'll take your credit card away if you take mine. Kay?