Sunday, May 9, 2010

Point of no return

I've been struggling with something.

I'm at a point where I want to write about increasingly personal things. I want to write about people I've met, or who are in my life on a regular basis, or more in depth about me. I want to write about myself and my life in ways that are not always flattering, or that might be awkward to people who know me day-to-day.

So I have been trying to toe the line and write non-scandalous posts, but then I found myself becoming more and more disappointed when I couldn't share the hilarious story of what happened the other night while bar-hopping with a friend, or any of my dating experiences (or more appropriately, mishaps). So I composed them in my head and filed them away quietly and wrote about something random instead- like my distrust of the FedEx man. But really, there's no point in shoving a white-washed version of my existence on the world is there? So thanks to some advice from friends and the fact that I have itchy fingers and a natural propensity to overshare, I'm just going to go for it.

So firstly here's a disclaimer: I'm a human. To be more specific, I am a messy, often crazy, loudmouthed human who likes to drink, curse, sit without my legs crossed and various other impolite things (I put my elbows on tables too.) I prefer seedy dive bars where the counters are sticky and you can slur through a rant about the idiot who is hogging the jukebox to play Journey 900 times in a row. (For the record I like them, but one can only handle "Don't Stop Believin" so often in one night.

 So here goes nothing.


I feel better already.


  1. This made me smile! I often struggle with writing about real life happenings - especially about my boys. Sometimes though I just think it needs to be done!

  2. Yay!

    I also have been struggling with being totally honest & sharing what I really want to share. I have even went as far as thinking about starting a whole other blog (without my pic of course) for the "brutal me." BUT, I decided to heck with it... if you can & will, I can too. :)

  3. I have this as well! It's like we should have a support group...
    There are things I don't want my son to read, or my parents, or my workmates. And sometimes I start to write them, then edit, then edit some more...and then I write about a book I read and hit Publish.

  4. HAHA! This post made my day! :D

  5. See? Now didn't I just write about this today. Maybe we are cosmic twins. I say if you want to write whatever you want you should do it, but really think twice before sharing your blog with friends and family...unless they like reading about themselves.

  6. I'm always debating this at my own blog, especially the BITCHES part. I think I am becoming more cozy with it.