Monday, March 8, 2010


I'm in NYC and while I love this place, it never fails that I will feel woefully fashionably inadequate by the end of the day. I have a confession to make. I am completely unable to dress for any season besides summer. I think this is due to the fact that summer outfits are essentially flip flops and sunglasses. BUT I'M GOOD AT THAT OKAY?

So when those pesky 3 other seasons come around I'm screwed. There are many reasons why but mostly:
1. I am a terrible packer. It's like I pull out the luggage and my brain goes haywire. I seem to always pack for the opposite season and either shove too much in or act like they weigh your bags in ounces. Like now, for some reason I convinced myself it was going to rain this entire trip and then proceeded to ONLY pack hot pink and zebra print rainboots. Did you hear that? ONLY RAINBOOTS.
2. I'm lazy but let's call it being minimalist. I like to spend 20 minutes at most getting dressed and if I start to put on more than a shirt and pants its entering FANCY territory which we only save for holidays and other special occasions.
3. I have a horrifying fear of being too hot or too cold and the concept of layering will NOT get through to my brain so I panic and either wear 18 shirts and 5 socks and then sweat my life away or go half-naked into the street and end up stealing cloth like a magpie from my friends.

So a long time ago I gave up, and now rely on yoga pants, comfy shoes and a tee to get me through about 90% of my life. This means that I get jealous when I see all the cute vintage-y outfits passing me on the subway. HOW do they seem perfectly put together and at the same time give off the impression that it only took 5 seconds to throw it all on while running out the door with latte in hand?

Anyone want to be my fashionable fairy godmother and give me a clue? Because I'm getting tired of my few outfit settings: REALLY F-ING COLD OH MY GOD PUT ON EVERYTHING YOU OWN, laundry day aka I'm wearing whatever was closest to me while getting dressed, and Sleep.

At least I know that no matter what, I can put on an "About to pull up the covers and close my eyes" outfit like NOBODY'S business.

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  1. I am the same way. I lived in Florida and have no winter clothes what so ever. I am a flip flops, sandals & capri kinda girl. I hate to buy winter clothes, because the frugal in me doesn't understand spending $$ on something I can only wear a few times a year, but when it is cold I am wishing I would have splurged on the boots and sweaters.

    Enjoy New York.... that is on my bucket list. :)