Thursday, March 4, 2010

Why Not Wednesday

I accidentally skipped Why Not Wednesday yesterday because I was flying home to NY to help my aunt take care of her new baby. Life exploded in my face the days before I traveled including a ghost in my apartment and a weird fixation on eating Chik-fil-A that was so bad I tried to walk up a down escalator. Like, I was so loco with visions of chicken nuggets and waffle fries, I TRIED TO WALK UP A DOWN ESCALATOR. Everyone in Terminal A at Hartsfield-Jackson had a good laugh at that craziness... (And in case you were wondering, airport Chik-fil-A is gross.) So anyway, let's all agree to just pretend you read this yesterday okay?

I'm a huge believer in the life list. Do you have one yet? I do but most of the items on my list are great far-flung adventures that take money or planning. Or require certain conditions that I don't have right now. (Mostly sun, GLORIOUS GLORIOUS SUN THAT I FEEL LIKE I HAVEN'T SEEN IN YEARSSSSSSS.)

So this week why not make a mini- list of things that are easy to do? You don't have to leave where you live to experience something awesome and grand. I can't wait to one day take a cross-country road trip but I can have an awesome time in the zip code where I pay bills too!

Plus I know it makes me feel better about myself when I put easy things on my to-do list, because then I get to cross something off and pat myself on the back. Seriously- next time you're making one, add something like 'put the trash outside the door', 'brush my teeth' or 'eat chocolate' and see how much better you feel crossing a bunch of lines out. And is it just me or do you feel like everyone is getting their asses kicked by Old Man Winter? It's time to kind of give him the finger and get our sanity back.

So yeah, try adding things that are close to home:
  • Try a new fancy coffee drink at the cafe nearby your job.
  • Go to the park during the winter and make a snowman on the swings. Or just swing in the cold and enjoy not sticking to the seats.
  • Plan a delicious garden. Feel free to over plant tomatoes and then send the extra to me.

Or something easy:
  • Buying yourself the cereal that most reminds yourself of being a kid and eating a big bowl in front of Saturday morning cartoons (we recently introduced my little brother to the Fraggles and GOODNESS I missed that show).
  • Paint an accent wall. (Okay so that's not really so EASY, unless you bribe your friends to come over and help you!)
  • Make a new recipe in a cuisine that is not located on your continent.

And then do one of these homestyle list additions! Hey, if you're going crazy from the cold, make it summer in your house- crank the heat up super high for a couple of hours, throw on your bikini and eat some burgers and ice cream. I mostly say this last one because I'm at my parent's house and I don't have to pay the heat bill.

I haven't decided what I'm going to do this week yet, but I'll let you know when I do! I will after all be in NYC where it's super easy to find something to cross off a list. I also keep meaning to have a living room camp-out with my brothers so maybe we'll do that this weekend.

I'd love to hear or see your easy lists!

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