Thursday, February 18, 2010

Wash your mouth out with soap

Word to the wise:
Do not run out of dish-washing soap and think you can just use hand soap instead.

My mouth now tastes like black raspberry. And not in a good way.
Also in mouth news, I have some sort of infection thing going on in there and I hate life. It feels like a little creature crawled in and dug out a burrow in between my cheek and my jaw and he yells at me anytime I move his home. Like oh say, to swallow or breathe... No biggie!

So I've been catching up on blogs and Medium episodes, (I started from Season 1 and have almost made it to Season 3- LOVE this show!) and am currently attempting to make potato soup in the crockpot while I lie in bed and mouth closed moan to nobody in particular. I like to think my closet-obsessed ghost neighbor downstairs can hear me. And that maybe he is as annoyed as I am by his 3am sliding and slamming rituals. Quick question: WHO NEEDS TO OPEN AND CLOSE THEIR CLOSET DOORS 8 TIMES IN A ROW? (Not exaggerated, I counted once.) So far all I can think of is he's obsessive compulsive and has to open the door 8 times, is a really indecisive stripper who can't decide which outfit to wear for the night, or most likely- it's a ghost who can't do anything but open and close the closet doors. I think the ghost one is more accurate because I have never seen this person nor have I ever heard anything coming from their apartment except the nightly closet door symphony.

Well, I've got some mummy style moaning to get back to. Wish me luck with the soup, I've never eaten anything like it before and I have weird texture issues with food so we'll see. Also am I the only one who likes when their hands smell like garlic and onion?


  1. Uhh..yes. You are the only one who likes that smell. HOWEVER, I like the smell of squid on my hands so I'll shut the hell up about it.

  2. Whaaaa- are you a marine biologist or in charge of calamari at a restaurant? Cause those are the only reasons I can think of for having squid on your hands.

    Also squid are on my top ten things that horrify me list so none of that on our mexico/ key west adventures!