Sunday, February 21, 2010

I still get to make my own hours though...

I've been stuck in a rut lately. I feel like Winter has buried me under layers of dry skin, listlessness, and unwanted hibernation pounds. For real, I haven't worn pants that button in FOREVAAA people. It doesn't help that I have not been having luck finding a job and I'm planning on moving in a couple months so I'm living in a weird anti-social purgatory of sweatpants and feeling miserable for myself. But that's stupid. I'm alive and healthy and need to stop being such a sissy, the only thing that's going to knock on my door is the super nice homeless man who takes out my trash whenever he sees it outside my door.

So I hired myself tomorrow. My job? To get outside. Even if it's just to walk to the bank and back, I am paying myself (in banana walnut bread) to take the time to go on a nice leisurely walk and enjoy the Atlanta weather. (Key part of this "job" is that I have to actually wear big girl clothes- which does NOT include sweatpants or my really overworn fake UGG boots that I need to let die with respect and dignity...) I want to take some pictures too so I can appreciate my lovely neighborhood before I leave it. I also want to do something creative. I think I'll start simple- glue stick and an old Cosmo. That's right, I'm bringing it high school and going COLLAGE STYLE.

Is it sad I have to do this? I'll admit it, yeah, it pretty much is. But whatever, I'm floundering in inactivity and need to try SOMETHING to jerk myself out of this winter hibernation. It's time to get ready for SPRING and hopefully soon after that... SUMMER.

Are you struggling to dig yourself out of your Winter cave too? Assign yourself something FUN and DIFFERENT to do this week and let me know how it goes!

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  1. I can relate! it seems like during the winter I automatically gain ten pounds and no matter how much cocoa butter I use, my skin is DRY!!! Im new to the latinabloggers website and when I read the title of your blog, well,I'll take two of those half full margarita glasses ;)