Tuesday, February 16, 2010

If you never did you should...

Inspired by Jodi from If You Never Did, You Should's sweet sweet giveaway and the fact that it's cold and I have the winter blahs over here, these pictures are of a really awesome spur of the moment getaway I once went on to Tombstone, Arizona. I am madly in love with Arizona and New Mexico and can't wait to get back there someday soon!

I think every self- respecting lover of cowboy boots and the Wild Wild West needs to stop by Tombstone for at least a day. We hit up the Boothill Graveyard first,which is right on the edge of Tombstone. I'm weird and think graveyards can be really pretty sometimes. (You won't catch me near one at night though...) But Boothill is truly gorgeous and filled with beautiful cacti and hand-painted grave markers. There are some funny and some sad, and you can easily spend hours wandering around looking at them all. They even give you a little booklet that tells you all the history known about each grave.

Yes, I'm rumpled and crazy looking, I had been i
n a car all day- leave me alone! Margarita's was my favorite grave for more than just the name. The story goes that Margarita was apparently a saloon girl (I think that's a nice way of saying prostitute) who was killed by another girl over a man. Law and Order Wild West Style y'all!

Then we went and ate at Big Nose Kate's Saloon for lunch. (She was Doc Holliday's main squeeze.)

It was yummy and had gorgeous memorabilia and art all over the place.

Also check out the Bird Cage Theatre*:

and see a ton more artifacts and fun things from the days when Tombstone was a bustling, wild, famous gold rush town. They also recreate the famous O.K. Corral gunfight with Wyatt Earp daily and have people in costume wandering the streets.

I have Visit the Helldorado Days festival and Explore Wild West ghost towns on my Life List now. So fun! Have you ever visited Tombstone or would you want to?

I think that If you never did, you should- visit Tombstone, Arizona!

*Is it weird that I always want to spell it THEATRE not THEATER? And why does the computer always tell me this is wrong??


  1. Very cool pictures!

    I feel you when it comes to visiting cemetaries. When hubby & I lived overseas, we loved to explore old, forgotten cemetaries. I even went to Paris to see Jim Morrison's grave. He was before my time, but I knew my mom was a fan. :)