Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Why Not Wednesday

So every week I'm going to post a random question and ask you to share your answer too.

This week I'd like to know:

If you had $100 that you were being FORCED to spend on frivolous things right now what would you buy? NOTHING FUNCTIONAL ALLOWED.

For reals, don't tell me "Oh, well I've been thinking about some new shoes for work." Work sucks no matter how pretty you dress up. Unless you have a really cool job that you love in which case you suck. (but only 'cause I'm jealous...)

Me? I would buy a psychic reading, a ridiculously large chocolate cake and an ice cream maker.

Feel free to leave a comment, on my Twitter, or leave me the link to your answer on your blog!


  1. I would get a massage. I have always wanted to go to one of those places that you wear nothing but a towel while someone massages your back, with nice, mellow, music playing the background & you just lay there with nothing on your mine, other than to relax. Ahhhhh, sounds nice!

  2. Most definitely I would hire a cleaning service. I just want someone to reset my house to its original cleanliness.