Sunday, November 8, 2009

My new lover

I don't know if I had been having a bad day, or had the unlucky timing to get a bad cup my first time trying a Chai latte, but bleh. I thought the stuff was disgusting and only for the hippies.

Fast forward to last week- my friend is moving out of the country for a few months and she comes over to drop off a blender for me to "baby-sit" until she moves back. She also comes bearing a bag bursting with miscellaneous boxes of tea. I love tea so I was really excited until I saw them. Two boxes of Chai... (I always knew she was a hippie.) Oh well, I'll just politely say thank you and shove those two to the back of the cupboard and forget about them. I was feeling dare-devilish the other night after work and so I decided to tear open a packet of Chai. It said to add milk and sugar for a delicious treat so I obediently obeyed (with soymilk instead because I'm no goody two shoes dammit!). I took my steaming mug over to the living room and in the back of my mind prepared myself to have to put another pot of water on for some old faithful tea...

Cue heavenly mist and choir of angels... THIS BUSINESS IS DELICIOUS! Why have you all been hiding this from me for so long? More importantly, how exactly have I lived happily without knowing that this magical elixir existed?!

So now I am an addict (and apparently a hippie), and I have a mug every night. I'm also nearing the end of my gifted box and would like to know if anybody has suggestions for their favorite brand. Are there different types or flavors? I'll be embarking on this Chai pilgrimage sometime this week so share your wisdom friends!

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