Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Current Food Obsessions:

Caprese salad

Or at least my bootleg version of it. I prefer to call it my "salad-on-training-wheels". I have an aversion to green food but am implementing my very own 12- step program towards getting over eating like a 3rd grade cafeteria patron. (Haven't bought french bread pizza in MONTHS ya'll!)
So for now the ratio of tomato and mozzarella to actual green stuff is like 75-25 but I'm working on it. Next I will tackle my propensity towards buying Sesame Street underwear. (And when I say Cookie Monster undies are seriously cute I'm admitting to nothing.)

Betty Crocker Whipped Frosting

My hips and I would like to thank the powers that be at Betty Crocker for not making a Dark Chocolate version of this because I would frost everything in sight. I don't know why it's so much better than regular frosting but it is. Am I behind on this? Does everyone else already know that this is super amazing & I'm acting like it's a new secret product they made just for me for nothing?

Lychee Juice

I'd never had lychee before but it's really good. It reminds me of the quenepas that we used to eat when I spent summers in Puerto Rico except I was always too lazy to do all that work for like half a seconds worth of fruit enjoyment. So thanks random juicing company for making a whole can's worth for lazy people like me! Apparently the two fruits are in the same family. I think this juice would make awesome summer cocktails too...

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  1. Good lord, I love Caprese salad! Mostly because it's not particularly salad-esque. :)