Thursday, May 14, 2009

Things that are awkward:

Having an elderly gentleman sprawled out on your dirty kitchen floor with his head in your oven.

Granted, he was fixing my oven because the pilot light went out.

Seriously though, what exactly is the proper etiquette for these situations? Do you engage the person the age of your grandfather in polite conversation or silently stare at them as they get their clothes all dusty and roll around in your uncleaned broiler. (Look my broom broke the other day and I'm scared to clean the broiler because every time I touch that oven it burns me- DON'T JUDGE.) I feel bad I had to make him hunker down and flat out lay on my floor to re-light it but seriously WHERE is the flame supposed to be? I tried to wave a lighter around the inside of it last night but realized that since I regularly manage to hurt myself with seemingly harmless things like bobby pins, (For real- I sliced my pointer the other day trying to put my hair up.) I might want to leave the pyrotechnics alone.

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