Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Things I'm currently loving:

I've recently come to terms with my deep love for sci-fi so I'm okay with admitting that I really like this show. It's kind of cheesy sometimes but really good. It only lasted one season so I'm trying to stretch out the episodes as long as I can. I've also determined I'm in love with the the Louisiana accent the main guy has.

I really love Eliza Dushku and was a huge fan of Tru Calling so I may be slightly biased. It's slightly creepy but still very engrossing.

Pete from Jerry Springer
Yes to either one of the guys in this picture actually.

This is by
one of my favorite authors, Mary Roach and though I would recommend reading ANY of her books this one might be my favorite. It's just so ridiculously interesting- and her writing style is hilarious. And it is definitely a conversation starter...

Maxi Dresses
These were made for me in the summer. I can already see myself throwing one of these on over my bikini and heading straight out to the karaoke bar at night.

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