Monday, March 7, 2011

Twinkies for dessert?

Look, I realize this is kind of disgusting but I can't stop fantasizing about a box of Kraft mac & cheese with a can of chili and a can of corn mixed into it. Or tater tot casserole. With a glass of box wine on the side. I'm neither pregnant nor did I recently move into a trailer park so I kind of have no idea what's going on.


  1. My first thought was PREGNANT.

    Is it terrible that every once in awhile I love a box of mac n cheese? I know I'm supposed to be all grown up and eat 'real' mac n cheese, but there is just something about Kraft.

  2. I think I almost puked reading that.
    Mac & cheese should never be ruined with *gasp* chili.

  3. My roommate and I make chili-mac twice a month. Then again, for us a grown up dinner means we include a vegetable, but still. Delicious!