Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Awful or Awesome

Amazon is planning a system that will let you return gifts you hate before they even hit your doorstep.

On the awful side: 
  • Ruins the surprise
  • What if it's actually really cool and you need to just give it a chance?
  • How about just being grateful you're getting something
Maybe awesome: 
  • Save money, time and the earth from shipping useless items back and forth
  • You may have the exact same thing just in a different color
  • Wrong size

Want to send a gift to a stranger with me?

If I think about this concept too much it turns creepy (You're giving someone my address via Google Maps and letting them send me a random present? Like in a package? Like how anthrax and bombs are sometimes sent??) BUT I just won't let myself do that now will I?

Check to see who is on your flight by stalking their FB photos.

You know when you were in middle school and you hoped that super cute boy with the freckles would sit next to you at assembly but at the same time you're thinking, OHMYGOD I HOPE HE DOESN'T BECAUSE I'LL JUST BE SWEATING BUCKETS THE WHOLE TIME AND WHAT IF HE NOTICES AND THINKS I'M A FREAK OF NATURE AND WE NEVER KISS UNDER THE BLEACHERS AND I DIE A LONELY CAT LADY?

Well, I kind of do that every time I fly. I scope out the other passengers and identify the hot ones that seem single and proceed to flip flop between hoping they sit next to me so we can strike up a beautiful romance and then change my mind and pray that NO NO they DON'T because I'm scared to sit 5 centimeters away from a hot stranger for like 3 hours. Airplane bathrooms alone have 900 different possibilities for complete mortification.

BUT BACK TO THE POINT, I like this because now I can be a creep and figure out if I need to dress nicely/take a Xanax before I even hit the airport.

This video:

This last one is a trick question- this is just plain horrifying.

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  1. Hey Lo. I just found your blog after you commented on my CSN giveaway. I like your blog, and your post about adopting a soldier inspired me to adopt one myself.
    ~Laurie (One of my nicknames is Lo by the way :-)