Sunday, December 26, 2010

A quiet clearing

It's the day after Christmas! It's snowing here in NY which is stupid because hello you missed your appointment YESTERDAY for a white Christmas- nobody cares about a white Sunday. Especially when you ruin my plans for brunch with friends. My Navidad started out shit-tastic, I woke up with double pink-eye and wanted to turn into the Grinch and kick the tree over. But it ended up being a great day- I love watching my brothers freak out when they see Santa was here (though I suspect the jig will be up soon for the 7 year old- he's seeming less and less impressed with the Santa shenanigans) and I got to spend the rest of Christmas day with my best friend and her family which is always good times.

But now that Christmas is over and the wrapping paper is thrown out and I've disentangled enough of those stupid wires from toy boxes to last me til next year, I have realized that I have let myself get totally sucked in by that stereotypical American lust for THINGS. Like non-stop, shopping is always on my brain, MUST. ACQUIRE. MORE. THINGS. At first I blamed it on finally being able to buy Christmas gifts for people (I'm only marginally less poor this year! Hooray!) but when I found myself Googling after-Christmas sales before I'd even had breakfast, I realized I've devolved into a monster.

I don't like it.

So I'm going to take today to clean out some things in my room and prune back the heavy load of STUFF I'm carrying on my back.

How was your Christmas?

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  1. Full of delicious food and a few presents. I'm also trying to back away from the acquiring of THINGS. I am going to fill up a box and take it to my local thrift store.