Saturday, June 12, 2010

These are just things in my brain right now.

I'm alive! I've also had a crazy couple of weeks and my brain & body are fried. But I've been at a job that I love and spending time with some hilarious co-workers and friends, so don't cry for me Argentina.

This post won't be coherent or life-changing. (Is it ever?)

World Cup: This is probably the only time I get really into sports. And by really into, I mean I will make a special effort to watch/ keep track of the matches. I make no promises to really know what's going on besides goals=good. I'm especially into watching if it means going to a bar and cheering for the team that has the most players with cute butts. I want to kick whoever invented those awful buzzing vuvuzelas in the face. In case you're wondering I'm officially cheering for Spain (for my grandfather), Brazil (I miss that country so much) and the US- in that order.

Renegade Craft Fair: I went, I saw, I bought an sweet skeleton matryoshka doll poster from this guy.
There were many other things I wanted to take home also such as-
  • These nautical prints from Tugboat Print Shop
  • I could look at the posters from artist Kevin Tong for hours.
  • Did you know I have a weird love for mustaches and mutton chops? (ESPECIALLY THE MUTTON CHOPS) Now you do. This ENTIRE STORE is about mustaches. I know everyone and their mom loves mustaches & it's a hipster thing but I don't care. I like this t-shirt.
  • In love with 90% of the things from Rag Trader Vintage.
  • There was something I really wanted from Queens Metal. I think it was a ring. With hearts. I can't remember anything more than that except that I *really* wanted it. Which I guess is stupid since I can't even tell you what it looked like anymore but here look at this badass ring instead.
  • I'm obsessed with planners so I'll add this awesome one to the list for 2011.
  • My hair is crazy & most headbands & combs look stupid in it, but that doesn't mean I don't ignore that whole visually appealing rule & stick sparkly stuff in my curly locks anyway. I want to add many things from heartfelt's shop to my collection. Like this shooting star hairband.
  • Aaaaand full circle with another nautical print from Dwell Deep.
Oil spill: I literally cannot handle the news because the BP fiasco. To put it in emo words, it makes me heart die a little bit every time I think about it.

The new pennies look like Chuck E. Cheese tokens. Or the currency of the Justice League.

Sneakers: I'm looking for neon colored sneakers for the summer. Suggestions?

Coconut M&Ms: I'm obsessed.


  1. I'm already over the World Cup and its only just begun! Totally agree with you over the oil spill.

  2. Ok, I guess I have been out of the loop but I haven't seen the new penny yet?!?!

    Also, thanks for introducing me to Rag Trader Vintage. I have found a ring that I am going to show my husband tonight. :)