Thursday, May 27, 2010

Keeper of the List

Ideally in my mind I would have a rugged leather notebook with beads hand-sewn from a faraway land that I only wrote in perfect penmanship, evenly spaced at all times with turquoise felt-tipped marker. And there would be glitter somewhere in there because there's ALWAYS glitter in my fantasies. I would never lose this notebook & it wouldn't have any scribbles or ink bleeds.

Now if you've ever met me, you'd know this is complete hogwash. I lose at least two cell phones a year, have ripped my way through more pants than I care to admit, (Most times while WEARING THEM- which either means I buy super poorly constructed clothing or my ass is The Incredible Hulk. None of my shirts have this issue so I'll let YOU decide.) and the glitter falling out of the pages would piss me off within a week.

This means that I have my Life List scattered throughout random notebooks, scraps of paper, my computer's bookmarks folder & buried deep within my brain. This is not good. How many goals do you think you'll accomplish with a half-hearted, "Hmm that seems fun, I should do that someday." I think laying it all out somewhere that you can easily see and be inspired is best. So here's some ideas & suggestions for WHERE to organize your Bucket List.

Your Computer:
Admit it. You're on this thing WAY TOO MUCH right? I'm not judging sista, my mac is currently snuggling in bed with me as.we.speak. So why not start a file called "Places I Want To Go" or "Things I Want To Do". (OR something infinitely more interesting- don't let my lack of imagination stop you.) It's so much easier to just throw inspiring websites in that folder as you're surfing. Then set a monthly date on your online calendar to peruse those links & update or plan as necessary.

  • LaterThis sounds helpful for people like me just bookmark willy-nilly without any labels or folders.
  • Use SUPER specific labels. Within my folder, I have labels like "road trip", "experiences", "travel", "business", "personal growth". Some of them overlap.

Inspiration Board:
Throw up some corkboard or go old-school & use tape. Either way find a corner or entire wall where you can stick photos, articles, doodles, lists, WHATEVER that will be your visual road map to the life you want. I personally plan on putting one in my bathroom. I'm in there at least a couple times a day right?

  • Inspiration for your Inspiration Board... of Inspiration (Maybe I can get that word in here 8 more times?)
  • Their Flickr group if you're the 'Less Words More Photos' type.
  • An online version.
Traditional Pen & Paper Route:
Mini Notebooks you can throw in your purse or backpack:

LARGE notebooks that you couldn't miss if you tried:

and... oh. my. goodness. This is PERFECT. I need this & a sparkly turquoise pen STAT!

Where do you keep your life list?

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