Thursday, April 1, 2010

I'm cheap. And broke. But I like movies and every once in a while I part with my hard earned cash (that sounds better than swiping a hard-earned debit card...) to see one. I usually sneak in my own candy though.

Here's the likelihood of me paying to see the new movies coming out this year.


Repo Men- I'm a sci-fi fan so this appeals to me. In a get it from the Redbox sort of way I mean... I might be able to be talked out of waiting if someone else says it's good though.
The Oceans- I love the Planet Earth series so I'm sure I'll watch this. Eventually.
Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps- The TERRIBLE TITLE and plot summary put me to sleep. NO.
Nightmare on Elm Street comes out in April. I'm really excited. Not because I'm going to see the movie (NEVER EVER EVER GOING TO HAPPEN) but because considering there are ALREADY commercials on TV for this movie, I'm sure I'll be MORE than ready for that to stop by April.

Iron Man 2- I enjoyed the first one. I want to see this one. I feel like Robert Downey Jr. and I could be really great friends if we ever met. Maybe if I'm feeling frisky or can find a date, I'll go see this on the big screen but I also might wait for the DVD so I can make it a double feature.
Robin Hood- I read someone complaining that they never pick a Brit actor to play what is supposed to be a British folk hero and now that is all I can think of when I hear about this movie. That doesn't change the fact that I still wouldn't have seen this in the theater though. Redbox.
Shrek- STOP IT. LET IT GO. In other words- HELL NO.
Prince of Persia- I'm intrigued. I have no idea what the story is about but Jake Gyllenhaal as an action hero has gotten my interest. It would really be a stab in the back to my buddy Robert if I saw this instead of his movie though so we'll see...

Killers- I looked this one up, said "EH" and started to click away when I saw the cast list. No not Ashton Kutcher or Katherine Heigl, cool, whatever, mostly EH again. No no. TOM SELLECK. TOM SELLECK and his mustache possibly playing an assassin?! He may be able to save this one. Decision pending on Selleck percentage. (P.S. The tagline is supposedly 'One day is a enough for you!' Um, what? Does this movie have subtitles? 'Cause I'm pretty sure that's not English...)
The A-Team

I don't care what you say. Try to burst my bubble all you want on this. It is entirely possible it will be a trainwreck but I'm watching it.

Toy Story 3- See SHREK. Wait I'll save you time. PLEASE CEASE AND DESIST.
Grown Ups- I like the comedians in this (mostly Kevin James) but comedies usually disappoint me. I'll let some other people be my guinea pigs and tell me if it's worth it. Maybe later.
Eclipse- I read the Twilight books and loved them. I'm not ashamed. I'll even admit there was a certain stormy summer night in which I cried and longed for an brooding Edward-type of my own. But then it was sunny the next day and I went to the beach with my friends and snapped the eff out of that craziness.
So, I enjoyed Twilight the movie, (if I could have the hilariously awkward constipated 'I have a hard-on for your blood' face from the chemistry class scene playing on a constant loop somewhere I ABSOLUTELY WOULD.) However, the MANIA from New Moon was a little too much for me. I need a longer break than just a few months people! The constant commercials and Robert Pattinson's face on everything with a SURFACE was slightly overwhelming. I still haven't seen New Moon the movie even though it was my fave book of the series, and at this rate, I'll just wait like a year 'til they're all out and I can watch the whole lot at once in my pajamas with a box of cupcakes.

Are there any good movies I missed that you're looking forward to?

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