Saturday, January 16, 2010

How did I bring stripping into this?

I started off my New Year's Day the way it's supposed to be started- a hangover and several well-intentioned but cliche resolutions. Hooray 2010! Ow, not so loud...

Then I found out I no longer had a job. Whaaaa?? Do over. 5 Second rule. I WASN'T READY!

In a series of shady circumstances the restaurant I previously worked at closed with no warning. That's all I'll go into about that because otherwise I will get angry and say something rude. Since then, I've been scouring for a job, ANY JOB and no dice. I get it, I get it, in these economic times everyone and their mama is trying to apply for the SAME 4 opportunities that are open and it sucks for a lot of people. Knowing this doesn't make the process any less frustrating and stressful though.

And after a week of applying to everywhere short of strip clubs, which I bet are hard (no pun intended you dirty dirty things) hit right now too, I did something I always thought I was like totally waaaaaay too good for.


Do you like how I bolded it and made it seem all scary? Call me a snob all you want but I never thought I'd have to get government assistance. But here I am, and it needed to be done. And I'm not a snob anymore. I'm really truly grateful that I live somewhere where this is an option.* And very thankful for the state of Georgia for giving me a hand and a little bit of relief in what was looking like a scary situation.

I confessed my dirty secret to one of my friends the other day via IM and he made sure to really put things in perspective-

L: so i had to apply for unemployment today. i feel like i should be typing this to you from my trailer with my baby on one side and cheetos in the other...
J: haha, well that sucks.
J: also way to fuck up Obama's stats

*I really really wish I had something profound to say about Haiti but I don't. It's really terrible and sad, and if I could get on a plane and go over there right now to help somehow MY GOD I WOULD. I donated as much as I could right now and I hope you'll not hate me if I keep you updated on how to help as things continue. One of my best friends is over there and THANK GOD she is safe. Her family said that things will take a WHILE to fully recover from this. They are all going to need support even after the aftershocks subside while the country heals and rebuilds.

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  1. Here's the thing. It sucks now, but let me tell you... the best thing that ever happened to me was losing my job. Thankfully, I knew it was coming a year in advance because..well, no one fucks with me that way, but I was lucky to know this info. Trust me when I tell you that it's a blessing in disguise!