Friday, January 9, 2009

Shouldn't the frost on the windows develop from the outside?

I know I'm not a genius of science or anything but I'm pretty sure your apartment is not supposed to be colder than the general environment outside. For example- I should not be living inside the arctic circle when it's all Tommy Bahamas outside right?

Maybe I'm just being spoiled when I say I want to be able to feel my fingertips while I'm lying in bed but I think blood circulation while in your place of residence is normal or something.

You may be asking why I don't just turn up the heat? I did actually. Or at least I think I did... the text by the switches that tell you what is heat and what is A/C or on or off or whatever switches are supposed to tell you has been completely rubbed off. HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN? Was somebody compulsively standing in front of the box and flicking the A/C fan on and off?

Also there's a ghost who lives downstairs and opens and shuts the closet doors about 18 times at like 2am. Or I have a really annoying downstairs neighbor who does the same thing. And I have to do yoga to try and steal wireless from anyone. But I have to save some stories for next time don't I?


  1. Hi Lo! Yes the Easy Saver Book is available at Walgreens. This month it's purple and should be right near the ads when you walk in. If you don't see it ask a cashier. Have the cashier scan the coupon (you don't have to rip it out)when you're checking out.

  2. And no, you do not need a card.