Thursday, June 9, 2011

Lovely lovely lovely love...

Life is eating my ability to keep track of things. GOBBLING IT THE HELL UP.

  • Tomorrow is my last day at a job that I just feel really good about leaving. Partially since I'm be going off to spend the summer at my happy place: camp. Partially (okay MOSTLY) because I dreaded walking into the building most days. To be fair I loved parts of this job (cute kids, sweetie pie co-workers) and I learned a LOT during my time here, but the fact remains that there were some aspects that made me want to run screaming by lunchtime. But for good or for bad, tomorrow is the time to bring cupcakes, hug goodbye and sail on. Who knows? Maybe I'll be back. NOT FOR NOW THOUGH.

  • I have been having stomach problems for like 2 weeks now and I am at the point where I have to debate if I feel it's serious enough to break my health budget and see a doctor. When you don't have health insurance it takes a lot to make an appointment, but maybe daily pain and nausea for almost 14 days is enough?

  • I love The Roots and I love this song. Yes it's from Yo Gabba Gabba and yes that is where I first heard it. Sorry I'm not sorry that this will be stuck in your head all day.

  • I need a fairy godmother of hair-care. It's getting so bad that I am starting to daydream of pulling a Kim Zolciak and just living in wigs. I can't seem to tame the frizz monster or make my curls sit the way they used to. Does this mean I need a better haircut? Different conditioner? Does my hair just hate me and life? It's too confusing! In an ideal world I could wash it, throw minimal amounts of goop in there and roll out with luscious tresses. Right now it's like goop, fiddle, spray, be sad, give up, ponytail/messy bun/hot mess. AYUDAME.

  • I just found round-trip airfare to Ireland for two weeks with a 4 day hotel stay included for 750. It's in January which seems cold. I'd probably be going alone which seems scary. Yell at me to buy it?


  1. Hair woes sucks doesn't it? Mine is going through the same thing. I feel like I have a week of good hair days then a month of bad. Today I was actually tempted to play with scissors... I am blaming the friz on the humidity. I did venture into Sally's Beauty Supply and bought a bottle of argan oil. Sadly today I really can't tell too much of a difference. :sigh:

    If your hair godmother visits, can you send her my way when she is done?

  2. I may be able to find another Ireland deal for the same price but a day or two longer if you want me to look.