Saturday, February 19, 2011

Chocolate Mint

From we heart it

From we heart it

I know some people hate Chocolate and Mint together. They're weird. I admit the green dye is kind of unnecessary, but as long as it's not a peppermint patty, I'll pretty much shove anything chocolatey and minty in my maw. Especially those tiny little Andes mints, like the ones you get from Olive Garden (another love of mine).

And did you know that Andes makes chocolate chips? And did you know that you can shove some of those suckers into the middle of a yummy chocolate cookie and enlarge your waistline happily? Here's the recipe. I've made it multiple times before and it's easy and delicious.

Happy Chocolate Mint Day!

* How could I forget to mention Thin Mints?? Thin mints in the freezer, thin mints crumbled into vanilla bean ice cream, thin mints by the plastic sleeve. AND cookie season starts IN EIGHT HOURS. (I know this because the girl scout site has a countdown for sick sick people like me.) Now to stalk hunt down FIND some girl scouts near me...


  1. I loooooooooooooooooooove chocolate/mint combination! When I was a kid I only drew cookies with green chips to emphasize they were mint chips :P

  2. I love chocolate & mint togethor.

    Sunday I had a McDonald Shamrock Shake. Is it weird that I wanted to eat a Hershey's bar alongside it? lol