Sunday, January 2, 2011


Favorite things that happened to me in 2010:

[January] Fell in love with Key West
[March] New baby cousin and took a road trip wherein I woke up in a clown named Meat's bed (these stories are not related)
[April] Explored Rock City and ate the best cupcake of my life in Chattanooga
[May] Saw a psychic who told me I'd meet my soul mate next fall, and then piled into a bed with my closest girls while watching a movie about midgets.
[June] My first guest post on another blog!
[July] Hershey Park
[August] Hosted our 2nd annual Pub Golf competition
[September] FINALLY went back to school (I'm on track to get my associates by the end of next year!)
[October] Had my best birthday ever in New Orleans. I was chased by a waiter who invited me to smoke weed with him on his break, went to a prison rodeo and ate Cajun food that made me want to move to Louisiana. Then I came home and had an amazing Chili Cookoff birthday party.
[December] Godson was born! Built a sweet indoor snow fort with my brothers during the Blizzard of '10, and rang in the New Year with vodka cranberry/champagne cocktails and ridiculous attempts at the Michael Jackson Wii game.

2010 was really the year that I stopped and said Wait a minute. WHAT the fuck have I been DOING? I haven't talked much about it but I used to be an idiot who ran around drinking everything but drain cleaner, giving up on anything that got too hard and avoiding looking at myself in the mirror. I was throwing myself headlong through life in the hopes that I'd make it out somewhere OK and maybe in one piece. I was a shitty person and had a shitty life.

Then one day I just sort of woke up. And realized that I was miserable, acting like a tool and that I was deeply tired. So I ended things with someone who had really been toxic and abusive to me for years, moved home to my friends and family and just CHILLED THE EFF OUT.

I truly feel like I'm taking the time to build my cocoon and fall in love with myself again and it's great. I still need to heal and there's more repair needed on the pieces of me that have been shattered or hidden for so long but I'm looking forward to 2011 as another year of scrubbing off the debris and filing away the madness of the past. I don't really believe in resolutions but here are some things that I'm going to work on in this new calendar year.

  • Step up my celebrations project. I want to really push myself to be more active in my pursuit to celebrate something everyday.
  • More photos that I've taken myself. I have a camera and I need to use it more. This also means I'm going to have to suck up my issues and put up photos of my gorgeous mug on here more often.
  • Write at least a sentence a day in my diary/scrapbook thing. I like to paste in little photos or paper scraps from places I've been so it's less scrapbook and more random-book-of-rambles-and-places-I've-been but I want to adapt this DIY idea and write or add SOMETHING daily.
  • Random act of kindness once a month. So far I've signed up for a monthly membership for Love Drop, have adopted a soldier through Soldier's Angels (I have to finish putting together my package after I post this!), and I want to leave a little gift card or small present for someone to find once a month a la Secret Agent L.
Do you have any resolutions or were you too hungover from New Year's eve to bother? Either way here's to an exciting year to come!

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  1. I love your blog Lo <3 Seriously, you're my favorite :) I've always wanted to do something for a soldier to combat (har dee har har) my feelings towards war (which sometimes unfairly affect my feelings towards soldiers)
    You can guest blog for me any ol' time, I'd be honored.
    Keep on truckin' with your bad self in 2011 ~ can't wait to read more of your adventures!