Sunday, December 5, 2010

Feliz Navidad

I love Christmas. I love the trees, the cookies, the presents and the general feeling of rosy-cheeked goodwill and joy.

I also love the traditions. In my family we have a big party for our family & friends on Christmas Eve. Last year my mother went crazy and put on a 7 course Italian dinner- I never want to see that much food again in my life. Then on Christmas day we get dragged down the stairs by my brothers at some ungodly hour and open presents. I proceed to use the rest of the morning as an excuse to play with their toys in between continually shoving my face and napping on the floor before we all head over to my best friend's house. There we get to open Christmas crackers and wear silly paper crowns over dinner. Afterwards they open their presents and we take turns stealing my friend's aunt's unwanted gifts. (For some reason she always gets a surplus of perfumes and handbags that she doesn't want.)

But I always wonder about other people's traditions. Especially ones from other countries. I think this stems from my deep seated need to be nosy. I would love to be Santa if only so I could see how millions of people live. So I'm going to try out some traditions from other countries this Christmas season, even though I'm sure I'll be butchering them a little bit seeing as I'm a clueless American who is gleaning this information off Google and library books from the children's section.

What do you do for Christmas? Or Hanukkah? Or Kwanzaa (I have never met anyone who celebrates this, so I would love to know about it). Winter Solstice? Three Kings Day? Lay it on me.

Hey, I'm nosy remember?

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  1. I love being nosy! Nosy people are just open-minded people who aren't afraid to ask questions LOL :P
    On Christmas Eve, my family has a fondue party! On Christmas we have a big breakfast, watch Christmas movies (our staple is "We're no Angels"), open presents a little before noon and have appetizers all day while we prep for our big ass Christmas meal, which rotates year to year because we got sick of 2 turkey meals in under a month. This year we're going to make prime rib with homemade horseradish cream sauce, creamed mustard sauce, Yorkshire puddings and plum pudding :D

    I would LOVE to go to Europe for Christmas one year! Especially England or Switzerland, the Netherlands or Germany.