Saturday, May 1, 2010

Make It Happen May

Yikes it's already May!

I had grand plans of creating a great blog-wide web Life List project where we all joyously held hands and celebrated life and adventures by posting our goals in life. There would be singing, chocolate ice cream and peace on earth forever and ever AMEN.  Then I went gallivanting across the South and got distracted by a grand quest for Tennessee BBQ, (BB-Quest as I like to call it) and slacked off. But I'm back on track kids!

So May will be the month of planning for our grand Life List adventure. I'll be posting once a week on ways to get your list o' dreams going, inspiration to beef up your list and photos & links to others who are knocking things off theirs. Here's a couple to get you started:

...sending postcards A lovely couple who sold their house & belongings to go wander the globe and take amazing photos of it all.

Vagabonding Begins! Check out homeboy's life list and be jealous. Then go get a piece of paper and steal some of his great ideas- I'm sure he won't mind!

If You Never Did, You Should Jodi's blog oozes positivity, fun and adventure. If we lived closer I'd totally bribe her with candy and stickers to be my friend.

Yes and Yes Surely Sarah Von won't think it's creepy that I consider her my fairy godmother of travel dreams?

Read away and get out your pen & paper because June 21st is on it's way!

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  1. thanks for including us in your list & for the tips - we'll definitely be checking out grimaldi's.

    a mermaid parade sounds right up my alley, but i think we'll be gone by then (it's on the 19th of june and we're leaving the first week)